Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesdays: "open by chance"

Last Wednesday, Tim and I went to our favorite second hand store.
Tons of things I wanted to bring home....however,  the stash was limited to what is pictured ...sans the quilt.  I paid $50 bucks.
This morning.  I  was visiting Suzanne's blog  at  piecedpastimes. She has picked up some amazing  things  in her out and abouts.  Her firkin was $5.00.  I was looking at one Wednesday at a firm $35.00  No thanks!
Anyway, my pile was growing .  Tim walked over and said "What a great pile of CarJUNKol "?  With my wide eyed stare, I replied  with my most irritated, "What was that word"?  It didn't make any sense to me until he wrote in down.  O.K. I must admit it was a little cute........Oh, maybe a lot cute.   I think I  like it!  My stuff has a name!
Tomorrow, it's off to the beach ....beach CarJUNKol   my favorite!

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