Monday, March 29, 2010

Yeah!.... and What Else Is New!

Can someone tell me what happen to March?  It flew by!   I have been  busy sewing. I have posted several  items over on the Maple Leaf Mercantile, my selling blog.   I was asked,  "Why did you  add a selling blog have the Butternut Creek Folk Art blog?   Well..............because I wanted to!  Oh, now that wasn't nice was it.  But when you sell, you have to be  about doing business...and the folk art blog is work space I would like to call it a fun space...a place where thoughts and ideas and are born and nutured and I expose the real me . Kinda of like the good the bad and the ugly.  Ugly....  I hope not to much of that, but, then again, ugly happens.
Shhhhhh!   Don't tell anyone but.......  I am going to have another blog......I heard that... "are you freakin' nuts" in the background!
It  is called    FAERN-LAEGA,  art dolls.  This is where my art dolls will  live and be discussed . This blog is ME!  The music and the blog background  the castle picture it's just ME !ME! ME! I go there and just meditate when I have a creative block. You may have seen the button on the side bar...yep that's  mine.  (Sorry no click link yet )  Faern-laega  is old saxon for Farley, my maiden name.  Farley-Hungerford Castle is  my ancestral digs.  What better name for fantasy art dolls!  You should know by now that  all  my endeavors  have an attachemnt to my life.  Butternut Creek is in my back yard.... thus Butternut Creek Folk Art Farley's Country Store  my home, my store and mission control.
 My selling blog Maple Leaf Mercantile ....Just because!   My  blog ....of crenels and thatched family had castles and thatched roofed cottages and many, many lives and lores. 
Go to the place where I go to get grounded  and where beautiful things will live.
 I have ambled  on enough for tonight again soon.  'nite!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day....All In The Family!

When I think of St. Patrick's Day...these images come to  mind.
Picture one is circa 1907 just after my  grandmother Jennie Ruddell and her father James Ruddell, came to the United States from Portadown, Ireland.  The other picture, circa 1903, is of the home and family they left in the motherland.

*Just a note:   I will have a story about Grandma Jennie, an Irish linen factory worker, on my  "...of crenels and thatched roofs"  blog sometime this year.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing: The Maple Leaf Mercantile

May I introduce to you  " MAPLE LEAF MERCANTILE" my selling blog.  I had this in my thoughts since November and now it's finally done. 
I had several beaten and all primmed up shelves and dolls to put on the "Merc"  but I had one heck of a busy week in the store.  Now I have no shelves left and my Jelly Cupboard that I have had forever in the store...yep gone....alot of "smalls" ...yep gone again.  
Two sets of Ms.Melba and Friends dolls went to a very nice lady in Perry, Ohio.  She collects Aunt Jemima anythings!
So what better time than when  stock is down to start a selling blog LOL!    I am  not sure what I was doing but the "Merc" has an on line presence and I am sure I will need to tweek....alot.  Excuse the ruff edges...  constuctive criticism is welcome!  Take a look by clicking on the Maple Leaf Mercantile tile on the side bar to your right. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saps A Risin' and a New Blog

Wow! We had 24 inches of snow on the ground last weekend and this weekend snow's gone  It was 69 degreesWednesday!  That means it's Maple time in Geauga County.  Chardon is known for being the snowbelt capital of Ohio as well as the Maple Capital of Ohio.  Tim and I celebrated Tappin'Sunday with pancakes and the local liquid gold. Yummo! Maple Festival will be the end of April!
My family had been in the area maple industry since the 1830's.  Here is a picture of Grandpa  in the 1930's .
Notice the shirt and tie...maybe it was Sunday!
Do you like seeing this kind of posting?  I have just opened up a new blog :... of Crenel and Thatched Roofs.  This will be about stories of life "back in the day".  I have had many emails from folks wanting a place just for my memorablia and stories...without the art.  I will post there when I have compiled a story to tell. Do you remember my past postings of the Civil War Diary and Lovina's Gift?   That is what  ...of Crenel and Thatched Roofs will include.... present day to medievil England.  You are more than welcome to step back in time with me!   You can  become a follower you will be there when the next story happens.  ( I have not posted there yet.. this article will be lengthened and tweeked and then live there for evermore)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Absolute Americana!

This piece was an absolute joy to make!   I felt like a 7 year old again.  Many small facets  make the piece grand...what fun...I was sad when the fun ended last night, as the flags went into the hands....It's done and I am so pleased!
Sam and Libby are stump dolls...the balloon is a nine inch styrofoam ball...making the total length 25 inches.  This is a Prim and Proper Folk design. (Click on picture for greater detail)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Leprechaun Class of 2010

What a fine group of  lads we have!  This was a fun pattern by Pea Pickers Primitives.  Fun Fast and Funky!