Monday, November 28, 2011

Now, that I have been sewing like a mad, crazy,woman for the past 6 weeks. I look around at my work and I see that there are NO SANTA'S!!!

Tim and I are hosting the annual holiday open house at Farley's Country Store December you think anyone will notice?
Sure I have a multitude of snowmen, elves and ornies ...WHAT NO SANTA's!!!
Truth is, I couldn't think of a Santa I wanted to make. Nor could I find a Santa pattern that I wanted to make.
I am feeling a bit guilty at this posting.....maybe I should make at least one Santa just because I do believe in him!

Update:::: Guilt truly overcame me!  I was up til  1AM last night finding the one and only Santa pattern for 2011
 "Hidden In the Attic's"  "Santa Holding Deer" is my pick.