Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lucy and Lily and Liberty!

Tim and I vacationed in Minnesota, near the Boundary Waters. Tim's family is from that neck of the woods. We had an excellent time, celebrating with family every night at a different cabin. Food, food , family, food , family, family! You know what I'm talking about.

This vacation started with a visit with LUCY!!! Lucy of How that much energy and creativity can be in one little body, I just don't know.....I am inspired.

I was so honored that she and her husband took time out of their busy day to met Tim and me. Thank you Lucy and Tom.
If you are near Tomah WI stop in and see" Counrty Spirit Shoppe" it is beautiful. Lucy rocks!!! (I bet she hears that alot)

We made the 820 mile trip from Chardon to the Twin Cities in 14 hours. The next day was final leg to our destination. With sister-in law Terese and her husband Lawarence, in from San Fran ,we traveled three more hours straight north to Lake Vermilion.

Happy July 4th to all!!
"Will you be at the parade in town?" "Meet us at the usual corner by the bank". "We have a lot to do before the after-parade-reunion party". " Can we pick anything up at Zup's Food Store?"
"MOM!!! Carol and Tim adopted a puppy at the parade!!! "

Yes, there is the pitter patter of new little paws in our lives......Lily!
Let me tell you about the greatest puppy dog in the world.....I know your dog is better than mine, but just give Lily a moment.
Lily is a Cocker Spaniel/Bassett Hound mix. Big eyes, big ears, big feet, little legs.
Lily loves everyone and everyone loves Lily! She was a favorite at all family gatherings.
Detente pact with Lily, Ming, Max, Su and Mia being worked out as I write....Updates to follow!
Peace and liberty to and beast!