Saturday, December 26, 2009

Heaven Can Give No More!

"Oh God, take us in Spirit to the watchful shepherds and enlarge our minds, let us hear good tidings of great joy, and hearing, believe, rejoice, praise, and adore. Place us with the oxen and sheep in that stable, to look with them upon our Redeemer's face and know ourselves delivered from sin in Him. In Him, You have given us so much that heaven can give no more"

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just as I thought everything was under control....I have to make another 50 pounds of fudge to cover more phone in orders from yesterday ...can't turn down my loyal, last minute, "Fudgies". My shoulders are cringing.. but my soul will be pleased! 50lbs in 48 hours...the math.... the math!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Have I done!

I declare at this moment that I am content with what I have made for the Christmas.
Soleil is complete. I also made over one hundred "smalls" as I felt thats what "my peeps" wanted this year. Even my little Vampire Bunnies are selling as tree jewelry.
I need to make many multiplies when possible. My true satisfaction comes in crafting a large complex piece. I have been blessed that my first is the best.
The new year will be here in 16 days! My list is coming together to proudly proclaim what I will commence to do in the new decade. Thank God! It's been a tough 10 years all over the be continued!


Soleil is the third art doll I have made. He was a challenge...much different than the prim dolls I am used to making. I hesitated on selling he is just "tending shop" for now. He may show up on the mercantile site when I get it up and going.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I heard these two words coming from Tim, who was in the office. We decided to get an external hard drive for my computer. "Better safe that sorry"...words that everyone of us has heard from a saged family member.....Sorry came before safe for me that night..10 days ago. The scenario leading up to the fateful minute was on going for the entire day. "Utt...Oh....Pussycat, I think everything is lost on your computer". Tim went on line to find a possible recovery system...found some...didn't work...Called a few places....robbery!!!
It was late when we went to bed. We were both very quiet, starring at the ceiling. I was not angry...maybe just in shock and denial. Tomorrow is another day, right! Then I started to think about my Legacy file with at least 852 years and 3.5 months of my family lineage on it... GONE! All my prim patterns....GONE! Pictures...Gone!!! EVERYTHING... GONE!! Then it felt like we had lost a family pet. Not much sleep.
During the last election... a classmate of mine was running for our Township Trustee. He stopped in to see if we would be interested in supporting him. He has a computer warehouse were he salvages and repairs them.
Mike is a good of the smartest and clever of the lot in 1976. "Tim, call Mike D. and see what he says". Four days later I have my computer back,and a full back up system in place, and everyone one of my files are accounted for... Mike's son is a true computer whiz. When did fate step in to play?... at election time who knows.. But, my prayers last night included a former classmate and his son...Oh Ya!