Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Make Me Laugh

I asked Tim, "How can I lose 30 pounds really fast?"
Tim loving replied, "Pussycat, pick up two bowling balls and let go!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lessons From The Creek: Photos

"How do you run this contraption"? "Bulbs are never where I want them!" "Darn it the flash didn't go off?" "When will I be able to see again?" "Keep your hands to yourself and look at the camera". "Put your fingers down....that one too." "Cameras are not toys....don't open the.....ah no...Carol Jean!!!"

What great quotes from the past. Pictures taking is quite a simple, yet complex task for the photographer as well as his victims. I have a picture of my second great-grandfather hours before he died . Poor Grandpa having to put up with all that fuss..He had heaven on his mind.. ..meeting his maker. His family knew how important his picture was to them... 158 years later Joshua Farley (1769-1850), his picture was in the hands of one of his great-great-great grand daughters. Thanks for taking that picture.

I am getting an early anniversary gift. " Move to the back of the cupboard Mom's old Brownie", "You too Dad's Kodak whatever model you are", "You were a good camera ,Cannon Sure Shot... There's a new camera in this house..a Nikon D40. No need for the Nikon D 1trillion; that is rumored to wipe the sweat from your brow as you mutter," How do I run this contraption"?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lessons From The Creek: Changes

"Butternut Creek must be a gentle, quiet, flowing stream". How wrong you are! Don't get me wrong... it used to be that way. Butternut Creek is in my backyard. The creek could generate enough power to run a sawmill. This sawmill produced the wood to build our store in the 1880's. Ah, Geauga County Pine...beautiful, but harder then hockey sticks to nail. In 1924, the Creek gave a proud 12 year old Boy Scout, new to the neighborhood, a business venture opportunity. Minnows!! Dad was on his way in the business world.

"EGADS...Girl", mother shreiked as I deposited a water snake on the kitchen table. I will not touch a snake today! Changes.

Today, there is no water in Butternut Creek, at least not in the immediate backyard. I did plant some Iris on the bank in the midst of the black walnut , elms, and a few pines. I noticed deer track in the creek bed. Should we put out a salt lick??? My neighbor buys apple seconds and has a steady following of deer. She always could draw a crowd for lunch...they had a little neighborhood diner in a building in front of their house. Great burgers by the way! Mr. I. has passed away ...the diner is closed..Changes.

Across the road from our place,is a Sunoco Gas station. Once upon a time, a school stood there. Anna Spencer Richardson was the teacher. My dad was always the last one to school. Our store was popular after school! Grandpa and Grandma made sure there was plenty of candy and ice cream at the soda fountain.

The school building has been moved up the road. Mrs.Richardson has passed away. By the way, she lived at the house diagonally across from our store. The house was torn down 3 years ago.

On the other corner, was the Spencer/Tracy farm. I think it was sheep that pastured next to Butternut Creek. Today, owned by the same family, it is a very large car dealership. Butternut Creek has a culvert over it...Changes.

My home and store are in the same building. My Mom and Dad worked side by side in the store; raising their 4 daughters, "on the store counter". Dad died in 1970. Mom in 1996...Changes.

Today, the store is my canvas for all thing Primitive. I make my dolls and sell them sometimes. I never played with dolls while growing up...Now they are my WORKS-PLAY. Changes!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In The Beginning

Just where do I begin with a blog? What's it going to be about? Is it all about me.... for you?
Are blogs selfish? Are blogs giving? I think both.
Welcome to my world...the world of Butternut Creek!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something new!

My blog is under construction. Come Back soon!