Monday, January 2, 2012

Mia's Bridge

Mia 1993-2012 
above picture in her prime

Mia, let us know this morning that she was too tired and too weak to go on another day.  19 years, 8 months and several days were enough for our dear Mia, a Siamese kitty.  The last four years were a struggle and with many close calls and rebounds.  A year ago I became uncomfortable with all the testing and the medications and IVs.  Tim and I decided to let Mia tell us what she wanted.  I would have gone with the meds and all again....but why?
Until late last night she was still jumping up on things...knocking over things....wanting to be held.
Then there was the change.... almost instantly .
Being only 3 pounds I brought her into our bedroom this morning and laid her on my chest.  She looked up at me and with a silent meow she told me...and I knew.