Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Art Dolls at Faern-Laega Art Dolls

A new couple just arrived at FAERN-LAEGA Art Dolls.  The  town has never seen anyone like them!   They look friendly enough...You decide.  
 Click on link to see the whole story .


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stepping Out of the Pumpkin Patch.....

"Sew little fingers look what you have made"
See I have been busy!  I have new "friends" and  old "friends" returning to Butternut Creek.


This first wee lass is on her way to FAERN-LAEGA Art Dolls.   Her twin sister rode into the home and hearts of a collector.  This is a Frowning Francis Design.  What a rewarding piece that is 12 inches high and wide.  There is ton of detail...small twists and turns.  I would not recommend this to a beginner.


Bettz is back again this fall by popular demand.  She is a wonderful and enchanting piece.  You need a large space for this piece and I think you could leave it out all year  and not tire of her.  She is a Grabby Gabby design.  A very rewarding piece to create.


Impressive centerpiece..perfect for all of the fall festivities.  The Crow rests easily in the "Y" of a branch.  Remove him for a more formal look.  A big statement!


Hedra is back again this year is a small doll  and loves to hide in the pumpkins.  She is a Frowning Francis design  and is delightful. 


Salem isn't scary at all.  The crows love him..  This was  a fun make-do designed by Crabby Gabby.
  SALEM is now living at the same home as JOY RIDE.
What's on the worktable: Day of the Dead dolls

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carol ....What's with All The Houses!

Lebanon, NJ
circa 1791
I found this property last night doing some family research .  I am doing further work to track down what ancestor built and lived at this site.  I wanted to share it with you.   I see a primitive blank you?
This property is for sale.    Tim said,  "Just a few more dolls, Pussycat...a few more dolls".

P.S.   You should see the Halloween piece I'm working on!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Sad Little House

Would this make a  great prim cottage ?   This little house has been in my thoughts since May.  I  was bitten by  the genealogy bug to find the property that my  great-great grandparents owned.   I have the maps with the land owners...however things change over the roads and new developments.  I have hope that "our" farmhouse dating from at  least 1838   is still in existence.  Fortunately,  Music Street still has many, many fantastic New England style old homes from the 1820's.  Thankfully,  they are now well kept horse farms. .......but this little house pictured ..not so is circa 1832, or 178 years of age.   If only I had a wallet filled with a lot of dead presidents wrapped  with a bungee cord.   I hope this  Prim Cottage gets  some love ....soon!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Artist :William Bezek

I found this amazing artist's blog the other day .  He is living in Cleveland Ohio.  .   If you are into Halloween and Day of the Dead Dolls  you have to take a look.  Make sure you click on the first album on his blogs side bar and see his work.....5WOWS!