Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remember It's Memorial Day Weekend!

It's Memorial Day Weekend.  Please remember those who served our country and your ancestors that came before you at your picnics and gatherings.  Go for a walk and think about our freedoms.  I am going to visit  the cemeteries where my family members are buried.  Doing a little tidying up of the graves and leaving a few flowers just  as a  token that I remember.  Leaving flowers are for the living.  The ideals that our departed loved ones left us are to be memorialized. 
Memorial Day,  Decoration Day, as they used to call it, was a big deal when I was growing up.  Mom and my Aunt Elizabeth would have many discussions, weeks in advance, on what flowers should be purchased that particular year and which cemeteries each one would do.  I love that memory!  Have a good one!

Monday, May 24, 2010

How Sad!

I was just reading the local paper on line and saw this picture from the gulf.  How sad not more is being done!  I am sorry I posted such a sad thing. ..I just felt I needed too.
I chose "Simple Gifts" for music if you would like to listen.

3 New Items at the "Merc"

I have just listed 3 new items on Maple Leaf Mercantile.  Click button on side bar to take you there!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Folk Art George

I have had this lovely piece of folk art for 7 years. He was not priced to sell in the store. Finally, I decided he should not be up for buyer's temptation any longer and deserves a place, some place in my 1920's style home...but just where, I'm not sure.
Not much is known about this piece that we affectionately call ..."Folk Art George". He once hung in a Maine barn. His chin moves up and down. (Click on photo to enlarge)...Could he be an Indian? One of our customers from Cleveland admired "George" ...2 years later she returned and told Tim that she saw a picture of a similar piece and it was a cat symbol....soooo that's what we know. Do you have any thoughts or knowledge of this piece? I would really like to know... Nothing bad has befallen us since he arrived ...and that's a good thing!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mammy's Mother's Day!

I didn't plan on having Mammy, Orlie and Sukey completed for Mother's Day... but here they be. This pattern was designed by Happy Hearts.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GALA 2010 Conference: A Doll-Lightful World

Oh Ladies! If you are attending this doll conference please please email me! This is taking place 7 miles from my store/home. It is at Punderson Manor Resort. I guess it is sponsored by
My local craft supply lady mentioned it about 6 months ago. I didn't give it another thought.....until tonight! I looked it up on the web....WoW! Oh WoW! Christine Shively is one of the instructors...she is incredible. I have a few of her patterns (I have not made yet).
If any of you are in the area of Punderson State Park, Newbury, OH May 14-16, 2010.
Contact me by e-mail at or give me a call (440-286-3765)...It would be great to meet you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Crime and A Recipe

See who the culprit is in this week's continuing saga. Click the button on side bar.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Been Catching My Eye

I have been captivated by the beauty and artistry of Diamond K Folk Art and the Izannah Walker dolls by Dixie Redmond. At times, I have to turn away from my monitor. I am just that moved by their work... Dixie offers classes and the work that has been created by her online students is also delightful and inspiring. Her next workshop is this fall but you can sign up now and get little head start.
I would so like to do this workshop...I have never done a class in any shape or form I am apprehensive. I wanted to learn a few more techniques on my own before I could ever think I may slightly consider myself capable of joining this class. I am embarrassed even entertaining the thought... Oh never mind, forget me. Just go and visit these two wonderfully inspiring sites. Dixie is at and