Friday, May 21, 2010

Folk Art George

I have had this lovely piece of folk art for 7 years. He was not priced to sell in the store. Finally, I decided he should not be up for buyer's temptation any longer and deserves a place, some place in my 1920's style home...but just where, I'm not sure.
Not much is known about this piece that we affectionately call ..."Folk Art George". He once hung in a Maine barn. His chin moves up and down. (Click on photo to enlarge)...Could he be an Indian? One of our customers from Cleveland admired "George" ...2 years later she returned and told Tim that she saw a picture of a similar piece and it was a cat symbol....soooo that's what we know. Do you have any thoughts or knowledge of this piece? I would really like to know... Nothing bad has befallen us since he arrived ...and that's a good thing!!!

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  1. He is a really interesting piece of art, Carol. Hope you find out a little more about him. Definitely looks native and there is always history and stories behind those pieces :) Have a wonderful long weekend!