Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Been Catching My Eye

I have been captivated by the beauty and artistry of Diamond K Folk Art and the Izannah Walker dolls by Dixie Redmond. At times, I have to turn away from my monitor. I am just that moved by their work... Dixie offers classes and the work that has been created by her online students is also delightful and inspiring. Her next workshop is this fall but you can sign up now and get little head start.
I would so like to do this workshop...I have never done a class in any shape or form I am apprehensive. I wanted to learn a few more techniques on my own before I could ever think I may slightly consider myself capable of joining this class. I am embarrassed even entertaining the thought... Oh never mind, forget me. Just go and visit these two wonderfully inspiring sites. Dixie is at and


  1. Oh don't be apprehensive about doing this. I felt the same way when I started a class to make bisque dolls. After the hands, head, arms and legs were fired and I started smoothing each piece out I noticed the warmth of my pieces growing from being held and worked on. It was almost like she was coming alive. I was scared to death when I started the painting her cheeks and finger nails and dimple on her knees and hands. Then I was petrified when I had to do her eyes but when I set her beautiful glass eyes in place it was like magic! So gorgeous she was!
    Dive right in and have some fun. I looked at the website and the dolls are gorgeous. She is very talented.

  2. Thanks Marcia for the nudge. I have done a ceramic doll too. It was molded...I think I would have to sculpt the face..that's my concern.

  3. Carol, you would have a ball!! Go for it, classes are the most interesting thing, you can feed on everyone's energy and they on yours! The inspiration and ideas that come - regardless of technique and product inspiration - is priceless. You will love it! And from what I see you are already a craftsman may teach them a thing or two! :)

  4. Thanks Nancy but these two ladies are masters! I think I will do the workshop maybe next year.

  5. Hi, Carol -

    We all begin somewhere. :-) I was a brand new doll maker 4 years ago. Many people have taken the class who are not experienced doll makes, so don't let that keep you from joining in. The worst thing that will happen is that you will learn something. ;-)


  6. How kind of you Carol to mention my dollys~ I am honored, truly honored that they could be of inspiration to you~ I hope you have a wonderful 2013! xoxox rachael