Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Maple Time and A Sad Time

Sap Buckets and Remembrance Bows
It's Maple Time in Chardon, the Maple Syrup capital of Ohio.  All of us that call Chardon and Geauga County home, look forward to this time of the's a rite of passage.  The  annual Maple Festival is taking place at the end of April, at the town square park.  Thousands will visit our town and celebrate Spring. 
This year is just different we usually average about 140 inches of snow. Last I checked we are under 50 inches.  
This year  Chardon is hurting.  Many of you may have heard the reports on the news  of the Chardon High School shootings, leaving 3 dead, 2 hurt.  Our people have been injured.  Chardon is  mourning. 
Our Town Square Park