Friday, August 12, 2011


 I went to ZenTangle workshop last weekend.  I am not what you would describe as a Zen person, however, this art form does give your brain a chance to declutter....really it does in the first 10 minutes!  Yes, you say to yourself..."this is like doodling that I did on my 7th grade notebooks".  (you don't want to mention the word "doodle" to an ZenTangle instructor).   What ever your art form is I think you can apply ZenTangle to it.  The above work is not mine I just put it  up as an example.  Mine would not photograph well.  give it a can not screw it up.

p.s.  I am having a blast on facebook.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I am so ready for Fall

Yes I am!!!  I went into summer with  somewhat of a plan to get a fare amount of product completed by September 1.    It is never enough.  I feel good about what I have done so far.   This scary, kinda cute, Pumpkin Jack  was a  pleasure to make.  Lucy Rox has done it again.  The pattern is excellently written.   The result is a unique fall friend.   Jack is not up for adoption yet.  He reminds me of the lighter side to life.
I am now on facebook. ....not exactly thrilled with the idea.  But I am there....why remains to be revealed to me!  I am a blogger fan!  Makes more sense to me!
Remember to join all of the ladies of Prim Chat tonight  8pm EST.  See (hear) you there.