Sunday, January 31, 2010

What the....!

hoew styole mi spyell chieck ?

Friday, January 29, 2010

MoonDog Coronation Ball 2010

It's that time again when  Cleveland  celebrates it's  Rock and Roll  heritage.
Picture it... March 21, 1952, Cleveland, O*H*I*O.  Local DJ Alan Freed, the man that coined the phrase "Rock and Roll",  and a concert promoter sold 20,000 tickets to a  concert venue that had the capcity for 10,000.  Fearing a riot, the concert was shut down by firefighters after the first act.  This was America's first rock concert.
Freed was not deterred.  Becoming more and more popular with Cleveland teenagers, called by Freed "MoonDogs" and was known for his howl into the micrphone.....  The concert became an annual event.
Today, WMJI 105.7, hosts a more gentile event at the Quicken Loans Arena, home of The Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. Nostaglia reigns for the evening for about 18,000  young and old rockers... just enjoying the sounds of their youth....  just one more time.
Tim and I have gone to this concert each year since we were married 8 years ago.  It's a guaranteed date night we look forward to each year.  This year we may add a visit to ... Cleveland's own Iron Chef America...Michael Symon's LOLA BISTRO.  I can't wait.
Last year,  we were entertained by Little Richard, Three Dog Night, Hermans Hermits, Jerry Butler and my very favorite Tommy James and The Shondell's.   It was the best!!!   MoonDog 2010 will deliver to the stage: Little Anthony, The Turtles, Grand Funk Railroad, and Paul Revere and The Raiders .   Sounds like a good show.
Cleveland, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, invites the world to the MoonDog Coronation Ball 2010. 
Blogger friends, if you can come to Cleveland  that night,  Tim and I would really like to meet you.  Trust me Cleveland can be fun and beautiful....there's a lot of history and art in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.  Come on give Cleveland a try!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lovinia's Simple Gift

I enjoy antiques.  If I can find a potential family piece that is just about as good as it gets for me.  An on line auction site was where the gem to the left  was discovered.  I won the auction with surprise.  I felt bad that I didn't pay more...I would have.  The white and indigo blue 1855 coverlet is in tough shape.  My thought was, "I want the corner with all the info on it , maybe frame it".  When I opened the package I fell in love with the entire piece ..I can't cut this up for "needfulls".  This is going up on the wall of our bedroom or Grandma Farley's old bedroom.....little holes and rough edges to boot.  I love it!
I  am also caught up in the history of the coverlet.

I have been working on the history of this textile piece of art for 6 weeks.  Lovinia LeBaron  born  19 May 1815 in Leroy, New York. Died 15 April 1876.  Her father was Dr. Francis LeBaron (1768-1832) born in Killingworth, Conn.  Her mother was Sabra Kelsey. The Doctor was Apothecary General of the United States from 1813 to 1821. His picture is to the right.
 So this is the lineage of Miss Lovinia:
  • Lovinia Lebaron marries Benjamin Farley
  • Franicis LeBaron marries Sabra Kelsey
  • David LeBaron marries Martha Chatfield
  •     (Served in The Great Rebellion in the Army)
  • James LeBaron marries Martha Bensen
  • Dr. Francis LeBaron  marries Mary Wilder
The last Dr. Francis (1669-1695) was a French Huguenot. He shipwrecked  in Buzzards Bay off Plymouth Harbor, MA.  Taken prisoner by the colonists. Later, he saved the life of  a townswoman. and became a freeman.  He lived and practiced medicine  in the Wilder Homestead.(pictured)

The final picture is a painting by Fredick Dielman "The Wedding of Francis LaBaron and Mary Wilder".1695

Lovinia and Benjamin Farley lived in Newfane, Niagra County, New York.  New England towns usually had 2 weavers....Newfane had only one between 1843-1860.  The town weaver was Thomas Gladding, born in England, about 1810. Weavings like Lovinia's would cost between $14 and $20.  Truly an investment for her home.
Benjamin was a genius farmer for the time. Serving as sheriff in 1857 and  State Assemblymen 1866-1869.
He is not a direct line ancestor to me.  We have a common ancestor and I will find the bond someday.

I Call It Cabin Fever after 14 days!

Yesterday, I did my best impression of a ground hog on his special day.  I did not see my shadow...but we did get a dead battery in  a certain Big Box Shopping Center parking lot.  See there are silver the parking lot!!!
I just had to get some Gesso for one of my newest projects.  I have made pattern templates for 4 new patterns I bought last fall.  I am shaking in my shoes at the thought of working on The Beast  by Pam Grose... If anyone has made him  I would like to know what your thoughts are concerning the project.
Robert will have the driveway plowed out Friday...what a nice Birthday gift for me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And There Shall Be Snow!

The Lake Erie snow machine is in fine working order!  We live 12 miles inland from the lake in the rolling hills of Ohio!
So we get on average 140 inches of snow a year.   The snow started on  New Years Eve and hasn't stopped yet! We have around 35 inches on the ground.  It is beautiful. 
Lily loves the snow!  We thought she would be a diva and not want to go out in the white stuff.... she finds  excuses to ring the bell and get out there and snow tunnel.
Our snow plow guy, Robert, blew the transmission on his truck.....that means no plowing for most of the   week.  I don't think the store  will be open soooo....what will I do with the free time?   Choices... to many choices...
I could:
  • Do Spring Cleaning in the store
  • Finish 4 frog dolls
  • Finish 6 Bunny ornies
  • Start "The Beast" art doll by Pam Grose
  • Work in the cold basement
  • Futz around on the computer
  • Make snow angels with Lily
  • Clean my half of the office
What will I do???