Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And There Shall Be Snow!

The Lake Erie snow machine is in fine working order!  We live 12 miles inland from the lake in the rolling hills of Ohio!
So we get on average 140 inches of snow a year.   The snow started on  New Years Eve and hasn't stopped yet! We have around 35 inches on the ground.  It is beautiful. 
Lily loves the snow!  We thought she would be a diva and not want to go out in the white stuff.... she finds  excuses to ring the bell and get out there and snow tunnel.
Our snow plow guy, Robert, blew the transmission on his truck.....that means no plowing for most of the   week.  I don't think the store  will be open soooo....what will I do with the free time?   Choices... to many choices...
I could:
  • Do Spring Cleaning in the store
  • Finish 4 frog dolls
  • Finish 6 Bunny ornies
  • Start "The Beast" art doll by Pam Grose
  • Work in the cold basement
  • Futz around on the computer
  • Make snow angels with Lily
  • Clean my half of the office
What will I do???

1 comment:

  1. I'm with the snow angels....the rest can wait! LOL Have fun!