Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Call It Cabin Fever after 14 days!

Yesterday, I did my best impression of a ground hog on his special day.  I did not see my shadow...but we did get a dead battery in  a certain Big Box Shopping Center parking lot.  See there are silver the parking lot!!!
I just had to get some Gesso for one of my newest projects.  I have made pattern templates for 4 new patterns I bought last fall.  I am shaking in my shoes at the thought of working on The Beast  by Pam Grose... If anyone has made him  I would like to know what your thoughts are concerning the project.
Robert will have the driveway plowed out Friday...what a nice Birthday gift for me.

1 comment:

  1. How opportune! I sure wouldn't ever mind being "stuck" in the parking lot of a store!! Shop-a-holic that I am... My gosh, I just googled "The Beast" - what a project! I had never seen it before but I can't wait to see yours finished! Have fun with it, winter isn't over yet! :(