Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Sad Little House

Would this make a  great prim cottage ?   This little house has been in my thoughts since May.  I  was bitten by  the genealogy bug to find the property that my  great-great grandparents owned.   I have the maps with the land owners...however things change over the roads and new developments.  I have hope that "our" farmhouse dating from at  least 1838   is still in existence.  Fortunately,  Music Street still has many, many fantastic New England style old homes from the 1820's.  Thankfully,  they are now well kept horse farms. .......but this little house pictured ..not so is circa 1832, or 178 years of age.   If only I had a wallet filled with a lot of dead presidents wrapped  with a bungee cord.   I hope this  Prim Cottage gets  some love ....soon!


  1. Hi Carol....oh wouldn't it be fun to fix this up? It looks rather larger for the age of the home so it probably has great rooms for restoring and decorating.

  2. Hi Karen! It's not as big as you think. Still it's a prim dream! No idea about the interior...the outside in my mind is just lush with heirloom plants and trees.