Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing: The Maple Leaf Mercantile

May I introduce to you  " MAPLE LEAF MERCANTILE" my selling blog.  I had this in my thoughts since November and now it's finally done. 
I had several beaten and all primmed up shelves and dolls to put on the "Merc"  but I had one heck of a busy week in the store.  Now I have no shelves left and my Jelly Cupboard that I have had forever in the store...yep gone....alot of "smalls" ...yep gone again.  
Two sets of Ms.Melba and Friends dolls went to a very nice lady in Perry, Ohio.  She collects Aunt Jemima anythings!
So what better time than when  stock is down to start a selling blog LOL!    I am  not sure what I was doing but the "Merc" has an on line presence and I am sure I will need to tweek....alot.  Excuse the ruff edges...  constuctive criticism is welcome!  Take a look by clicking on the Maple Leaf Mercantile tile on the side bar to your right. Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on your selling blog! I just know you will do very well, your work sells itself! :)

  2. Hi Carol, I have set up a selling blog also - don't have anything in it yet. I have been seeing these pop up now and then. I don't have a website so I thought I would try the selling blog. and Good Luck - I wish I lived close so I could see the store - sounds like my kind of store