Monday, April 19, 2010

Ahoy! Mateys!

There has been a wedding at Butternut Creek!
Wendy Deckwalker and Walker D. Plank  have tied the knot.
It was a-lot-o'fun  bringing this couple to life.  Fun and easy to make. Click on picture to see the details.
The pattern is by Nanny Norton.    I have made several Walker's,  and  my store patrons felt bad he had no mate...ta da...Wendy arrives on deck!  They  are listed on The Maple Leaf Mercantile.
"Argh! Argh!"  "Oh...Walker behave!"

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  1. Carol: Thanks so much for stopping by at Woodstown Whimsies! Your "Wendy and Walker" are a hoot! What a fun blog you have here! My next stop: "Maple Leaf Mercantile!" Blessings... Daryle