Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking In The Mirror

Karen from My Colonial Home  posted a great entry this morning causing alot of peeps to respond.  The idea of folks leaving blogging in the dust and going to Face Book....oh just think of those blogs left all alone in  Blogland  getting covered with cyber dust  ... sleepy dreams and thoughts someone once had and was vulnerable enough to share.
Where did good blogging habits go?  I am guilty! I read many blogs I leave a comment...not very often.  Do I wonder why people don't comment on my betcha!  
I am not the kind of person ...... and I think alot of people are like me...... who just don't talk or write for the sake of commenting.   Several forums that I have joined or tried to join have stipulations, that you MUST reply frequently and will be monitored  and can not just hang ... WHAT!!!! be it...I will stay out of that realm and  become a better friend and neighbor to fellow bloggers....Visiting and responding willfully.

This is why I don't leave comments:
  1. WHOA!That's just crazy thinking ...I will quietly leave now!
  2. Amen Sister !..I couldn't have said it better.
  3. I am not worthy.
  4. So what!
  5. My opinion dosen't mean that much or would  not make any difference.
  6. They have a bazillion followers.
  7. They can not possibly read all the comments left.
We have a great free speech platform and we need to respect it by using it!   I will do better, will you?


  1. Stopping by to say Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I don't get a lot of times these days to visit like I'd like, but I can't tell you how much it means tohave and enjoy friends here from blog to blog. I'm afraid I steer away from the "have to " sites, but when I say something it is always heartfelt and never forced ;0) I'll be back~ I am enjoying your work! Here's to new friendships!

  2. Hi Carol. Boy, did you hit the nail on the head!! I'm a Facebook fan - but that being said it's because I love to just gel and play Farmville----mindless and relaxing for me. But since I have been on there the networking that is going on is mind-blowing! Everyone has their "fan" page for their business and all you see is so-and-so is now friends with ... I noticed that the forums (and I do NOT post hardly ever...let them throw me out) have had a noticeable decrease in posting...very noticeable. I think it's a phase, people will get tired of it soon. As for commenting...hardly anyone comments on mine. If I didn't have a Live Feed I wouldn't even know they had been there often. I try to leave some comments now and then - more on some though, like yours. And for the same reasons you hit the nail on the head again! Love this post, glad that others think the way I do!! Hope I didn't ramble too long. By the way, you are SO doing a TON OF WORK for that family reunion...they better appreciate it all!! LOL I sure would! If you are going the 900 miles maybe you should just keep on coming and sooner or later you will arrive here! Have a great weekend! ~ Nancy

  3. I agree with you Carol. You did hit the nail on the head. I am guilty of not commenting unless I can think of something useful to say. So just keep standing up for your rights. I love your blog, Valerie

  4. My Dad always told that if you didn't have something NICE to say........
    don't say anything at all but if you do- say it, mean it and send it out.
    Well I gotta tell you that you have a lot of imagination and the faces you put on your characters speak volumes! You are very talented.

  5. Hi Carol - I HAD to comment! I love blogs. I don't love Facebook. It's very impersonal, at least to me. And it's very cliquish (did I spell that right?). If you're not in THEIR group, they won't give you even a hello back if you comment on their post or their wall. To me, it's so rude.
    Ok, so blogs - I LOVE when people stop by and leave a comment on something I wrote or created. It shows that what I'm doing is appreciated, even if just a tiny bit. Even just a hello - that you stopped by. To me, it doesn't mean you have to comment on my item, and of course certainly not each time you just casually swing by. I know for me, I'm remiss in visiting my blog followers a lot of time but then I play catch up and go have a look see. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Love your pirates! Aaaargh! Jeannine