Friday, February 19, 2010

Think Good Thoughts for Ming Today!

This is Ming!   He is one of our two Bengal Cats.  This morning Ming greeted  me with his usual demanding cry...Feed Me Now!    He turned his tail toward me and there it was .....12 inches of thread hanging out the poop chute.   Blog buds with cats will know that thread can be a deal breaker in a cats life.
 I have tried to be  very careful .  Ming has a fetish for thread. ...especially if it is on a sewing machine.  He will go into a trance when he sees thread and will pursue until he gets to it or will watch to see were I stash the spool.
 Ming is a techy.. I have lost count on the number of thermostats he has dismantled... we have digital ones now.  He has issues with the guy in the answering machine ...and the printers don't get me started .  Ming thinks he was put on this earth to kill what lives the printers.
Well, Ming is at the Vet's office.  When we left he was on the way to x-ray and then the the elimination station... an intimate moment with Dr. Domico, I'm sure.  Then another x-ray.  Ming...Ming... Ming  I am missing him  this afternoon...the house is  too quiet and calm.
As a bengal owner a word of warning... exotics are beautiful and fascinating ..but know fully what you are bring into your home, hopfully, for the next 15 years.  Don't take my words fair to yourself,your family and above all  to the magnificent creature.  
My project today is to tighten up my sewing supply security.   I became lax and Ming is paying the price!
Think good thoughts for my Minger-Man!


  1. Hi...I am so sad for Ming - I hope he is okay. I have a siamese named Barney and he loves thread and raffia. I have pulled about 2 feet of raffia from his mouth, pulled thread from his mouth a couple of times. He does this to get attention when it is time for him to eat and I do not respond. One day I was at the computer while he was performing his "attention geting" acts, and turned around and he had swallowed the thread and the needle was hanging from his mouth. He had swallowed about 15 inches thread. That's the day I reorganized my thread area. I, and Barney, was very lucky. I hope by the time you read this Ming is doing just fine. I love cats and would adopt all of them from the Humane Society if I could. That is where I found Barney. He was found under a house along with his siblings and he was the only one from the litter that was 99 percent siamese.

  2. I did not know this!! Holy smokes, what an eye opener ladies!! Since we are dog people (and allergies prevail) we haven't taken much notice of cats...well except when I find a surprise in my flower garden... I certainly hope that Ming is ok and there was no damage, Carol. Poor thing, don't wish that on anything!
    Thanks for your lovely comments! Yes, I can't wait until Monday morning when Vicky steps up, she is a truly wonderful artist and inspiration to me as well as so many others. And we just love to listen to her accent! LOL Have a great weekend!