Sunday, February 21, 2010

Am I In Love...Really?

Whata question?    Whata thought ...considering I am happily married?  I was reading Country Business  Magazine, during my morning soak today....  "Don't fall in love with your fixtures"  the article states.  Hmmmm...I want to call it sentimentality.
 I have a HUGE  island of shelves in the  middle of the store.  They have been in the store since the 1940's when my dad bought them from an old grocery store in downtown Cleveland.  They are old maple wood and held alot of  canned food items... I can remember what was displayed on each shelf.. cookies, crackers, pickles, peaches and pears, cake mixes, baby food, dog food, and on and on I could go!   On the very bottom shelf was where I used to hide as a feisty 5 year old  and scare customers by reaching my hand out and touching a leg or  a giggle seemingly coming from nowhere and watch  the puzzled look on their faces.
Today... The shelves are not working  as well as they should be for me ...I'm not sure what I would put in thier place..  a few round oak tables..  a big old farm harvest table... maybe I should  have the old shelves made into other display fixtures?
It's a touchy subject with me and I'm not ready to deal with it right now....Yes, I am In Love With My Fixtures!
Next time:  How to celebrate 85 year in business!


  1. Morning Carol...what wonderful memories these shelves have for you! I see why you don't want to get rid of them but not sure what to do.
    I hope you come up with a solution that makes you happy.

  2. Hi Carol. I would love to see your 85 year old store, that would be so much fun! I don't like to change things like that, I would also be in love with my fixtures! lol I'll bet they are wonderful display shelves with such a history that if only they could talk....
    Have a wonderful day! ~ Nancy