Monday, February 1, 2010

Love That Pink Dessert!

I am not a fan of Valentines Day!  Really, I don't like it at all.  I don't like Red, can't stand Pink, and hearts kinda creep me out!    I perfer Sweetest Day  celebrated in the East and Midwest the 3rd Saturday in October.
My earliest recollection of Valentines Day was in second grade.  The teacher, Mrs. Fenwick, had us make Valentine mailboxes...ok  I 'm into that...what's not to like's a craft right!  But, then the shoe dropped...."you must take this list of ALL YOUR CLASSMATES  home and bring a Valentine for each  one!   WHAT!?! ...lets be honest did you like everyone in your class....and then send a Valentine to them!!! YUCKO!! ...I didn't sleep much 'cuz I didn't like the whole idea...."Mom.. I'm not feeling so good today..I should stay home today, 'kay.''  "But Honey, it's the big Valentines Day Party".  (Exactly).
So, I delivered  my cards  (honest I did).  "Children it's time to do a dance called the Minuet.  Form two lines;  girls in one, boys in the other, facing one another."  The music starts step ..double step hold hands and....COOTIES.   Refreshments: Pink Punch, Pink Cookies  and the silly message hearts ...I coped.  
                  Here is my favorite pink dessert...I think you will Luv it:


Soften 1/2 gallon Vanilla Ice Cream

Mix together: 
1 1/2 cups crushed Rice Checks Cereal
3/4 cup  Light Brown Sugar
1 Stick Butter, melted
1/2 cup coconut
pinch of salt
walnuts optional

Press 1/2 above into 9X13.  Set aside.
When Ice Cream  is thawed, spread  onto crust, and freeze.
Thaw 1 quart of Rasberry Sherbet,  spread on top of frozen Vanilla Ice Cream.
Sprinkle with the remaining crust fixings and freeze.


what's with the white lines..must be cooties!

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  1. LOL!! Great story, and sounds like a great dessert! Gotta try that one too.... thanks! :)