Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sew Little Fingers...Look What You Have Made!

Believe it or not I have been sewing.  I do tend to go on history rants....that's just the way I am.  I hope to have all seasons represented in the store.  Sounds  good in theory... We shall see  as I can never get too far ahead as far as inventory goes.  This fine young cupid to our left has been a great seller for me.  He is certainly a smile maker.  He is a "Nanny Norton" Pattern.  He is fun to make and will melt your heart.  As I said, he is a mainstay in my inventory. Next is "Dill"  She is a plump frog....  lots of "tude".  This is almost too cutesy, country for my liking....still a fun doll to make ....I have already sold one this week. She is made from a"Simply Nantucket's" pattern.
Next, what can I say about Vampire Bunnies...they are heart stealers.
fun to make ...mostly a painting project.. Well worth the time... my peeps are asking for them  even though it's mid -winter.  They came from the beautiful mind  of "Frowning Francis". 
What's  on my work table?  I have several simple  sweet bunnies.
A Queeen Anne Doll...that is looking very anemic tonight...she will have life in a few days.  Her clothes are beautiful and I can't wait to show her to you.  I have a skinny twin to "Dill" the plumb frog...her name is "Pickles"...A long , tall gal for sure.  I just received my glass eyes  today.   I had been looking since Christmas for them....very much worth the wait...they will bring life to an art doll that is way, way different than any pattern I have done before.  And I am going to have to try to create my own pattern for an order request to be completed in March.  I never thought I would be making my own pattern.... a detailed Dragon fly will be a  test for me. 

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  1. Busy, busy, busy lady!! How prim he is, you have been really productive! Pass some of it this way, ok? I'm not producing anything right now. Love them all, your work is just wonderful. Looking forward to more :)