Sunday, July 11, 2010

There's A Bear at the Door.... Party Crasher!

The bear will be another story! I can't find the picture!  Sorry
Well the drive was long, the food was made, the party is over it's time to call it a day!  That was how  last week was for Lily, Tim and I.  We made the trip to Northern Minnesota to co- host along with Terese and Lawrence,  my in- laws 50th anniversary. Tim and I were in charge of the food....I cooked for a small army.  I had the best time and enjoyed every second of the prep and presentation of the food .....great times had by all.
Lily is an excellent traveller...perfect the entire 970 miles one way all in a day!
We  pulled in our driveway Friday AM at 3.  All kids- with- paws were accounted  for.... Ming....finally at 4:30 AM....he showed us his tail and only his tail slithering in the basement he was angry  and let us know.
Mia Sophia  one of  our Siamese twins was very ill....little response and very thin....was she going to make it?  We took Mia to the vet  on Friday and she is showing signs of dehydration etc...Mia and Su are 18 years old and things are bound  to go wrong.  We are giving her antibiotic, and water I.V. treatments.  As of tonight she is getting her spunk back!
I hear there was 100 degree temps most of the time we were gone.   Not good for man or beast.
I have not posted much on my blogs and I have done NO sewing since May....I needed time to take stock in what I would like to accomplish in the next year.  I think it will be very busy.  I am tossing around an idea for next July  a huge themed open house maybe....all I know is I want it to be the best and way over the top....I will keep you posted as everything proceeds.....thinking big!!!
Do you remember  "Sam and Libby at the State Fair "(hot air balloon)?  Yesterday they found a forever home!  Thank you Ms.S.Y.   and yes I did cry when the words.."I would like to buy ..."  were uttered.   I keep promising myself ..."I will not cry....I will not cry."... but I do.
I have to get my derriere  moving and do tons of sewing.....vacation is over!     I do hope everyone one of you  are having a great big summer...working some but enjoying yourselves even more!   It's time to get busy because the great Pumpkin and Santa Claus will be here before you know it.....then cupid and the goes on....Keep Creating!
(Hope you like the music...Bob Grones sang this at our wedding!)

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  1. Great to have you back, I've missed you!! So good to hear that the anniversary went well and you must have cooked yourself out! Glad you found one cat and your other fur baby is getting better, we DO fret about that, don't we?
    Oh boy, you sold the hot air balloon!!! Wow, that MUST have been difficult...I'm certain it went to a wonderful home who will cherish it. You have the pictures, they are always a pleasure to look back on!
    Have a wonderful week, Carol! :)