Friday, July 16, 2010

Some of My Kids with Paws

Ming decided he would take care of the customers at the store counter today.
I was cleaning and rearranging  dolls and things for a "JULY YULE TREE".Ming sees a camera and he will pose instantly.
He truly is my beautiful, priceless Ming.

This is   "Max"imilian.  He is just a crazy love bug.  He is drunk with cat nip in this picture.
He is a beautiful Silver Bengal with a pelt coat that resembles tarnished silver.
Max is the house jester.
Here is One of the Grand Dames Mia Sophia!   
 This is the gal that almost didn't make  last weekend.  Mia is doing so much
better.  Her identical twin sister Su takes the worst pictures just like me!  So I will spare you.


  1. They are really beautiful cats, I can see why they are so special to you. I can't believe the poser...oh to be photogenic! :)