Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Will Be A Beautiful Chair!

It's trash to treasure night at http://www.primchat.com/   I must admit I have been distracted for the past 3 weeks getting ready  for my in laws 50th anni.  I will be cooking for 100 friends and relatives 850 miles from home. 
The CARjunkOL collection is bulging and my dear husband has ordered me to finish at least a few " priceless" pieces of dare I say with a cringe....JUNK!  
Well this chair is the specimen I chose.  I have a real problem painting  wood.  I am tempted on this piece. Should I just go nuts and paint it like a crazy quilt... then add faux leopard print cushion....I think I will go more subtle with black aged it up and add a handpainted something to the back panel.  
Time will tell... don't hold your breathe girls!

We found this1940-50's toy chest in a curbside pile. ... could not resist the graphic.  There was no lid and bottom.  We used nice pine, a few different stains, and a lite coat of poly. It blends well together and still looks vintage.  This is so strong it will last another 100 years.


  1. What a beauty of a chair that is!! In days gone by I used to refinish antiques and that would have been prime for me :) I'm all for the natural look, but that's me! Finding something like that old toybox would be unheard of around here...people seem to sell everything for quite a dollar and if not the second hand stores are marking everything up sky high now. Go figure. :S

  2. The toybox was a mess! Water stained and smelly the bay leaves and vinegar took care that problem.
    The chair pad is horse hair wish I could save that part as I think the idea is cool....but it's to far gone...rats.

  3. It's already a great chair!!! No such think as "junk" I say! And you can never go wrong with Leopard seating!!! A great pick. Can't wait to see it all glammed up! Jeannine