Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Time......A Honeymoon Memory

Our eighth anniversary is fast approaching, and I have several dozen stories I could tell.   "My first time" is very pertinent to the art that most of us finds ourselves immersed in; I just did not realize it at the time.
We started our honeymoon in Duluth. We would travel the Lake Superior Coastline stopping at several Bed and Breakfasts along the way  headed to our destination of Mackinaw Island.
Our car was packed to the radiator with gifts.....  The front of the car was aimed for outer space..... the trunk toward hell.  I had to stop at this rock shop and I found a fifty pound amethyst rock that "I just have to have  it Tim"!  ( I knew he would never say no to his new bride).
Next door to the rock shop was  a small old factory building that is now an arts and craft gift shop.
Walking into this high ceilinged  room, I never to this day have ever seen so many of the signs that are popular to hang in your know....All BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE.   Floor to ceiling every wall.  Nuggets to live by.  Then I saw it....I was shocked!!!!! What in the world are they selling  a doll like that for....I don't know what that is but it was  wrong on so many levels.....!!  I turned to find Tim and sure as heck there is another one!!!  The two ladies at the counter were jovial lassies...."What kind of people are you?"  I thought.
 With my devilish red tail wagging like a cat's ....I wanted to ask them if I could take a closer look at the sign nearest to the ceiling in the far corner.  Tim then reminded me to be nice to the ladies or they may turn you into one of those UGLY DOLLS!
 We were smelling pizza in the establishment... so we asked were the Pizza was sold?  The ladies looked puzzled and said, " no pizza here".  "I 'm smelling Pizza" , I commented....."OH NO that's a skunk under the building!!".   Tim we are so out of here.!!!  I think we were in the twilight zone episode.."When Skunks are Pizzas".
Fast forward to 2006....I am searching e-Bay for a customers request for a primitive cloth strawberry.
 I was seeing a lot of dolls that we had seen at "THAT SHOP".   I spent the next 8 months researching, trying to figure out this style.   I remember seeing Olde Homestead Barn,  Lucy's Lazy Dayz, Tennessee Ridge Primitive, Moonchild Primitives....many  patterns were available and I bought one that was a strawberry garland....and the rest is history and a folkart!  
This past Monday I was a featured guest artist on "PRIM CHAT"  with Lucy and Vicky....Just goes to show there are so many first times!

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  1. And life continues to be amazing, doesn't it?? Happy early anniversary, thanks for sharing that with all of us. It sounds like you had a very interesting start to your marriage and it has grown in more ways that imaginable! :) So glad that the prim world is part of it, or you a part of the prim world. Your contribution to the show was wonderful, such a pleasure to hear you on there. Ü