Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lady Dragonfly...Again

I had a brain freeze the other day and deleted my post about my magical bug.  I had a couple requests for a full picture of Lady Dragonfly.   She is a big piece and is awkward to photograph with my very limited expertise.
Tim and I hosted an in store "open house" this past Saturday and it was very successful....we thank everyone who came...It was a great!  Lady Dragonfly greeted everyone as they walked in the door.   She will be living in Chicago.


  1. Shes wonderful! I'm sure you will be so sad to see her go!! Its always hard to hand that box over to the postman!...for me it is anyway :)

  2. It was sad to see her leave the nest yesterday. She was a commissioned piece...I do very very few orders..they cramp my brain LOL. She is going to a great home. That's a good thing!