Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aye Karumba!

Taken from doorway of the store 3 days ago.
We are into day 3 of the Lake Erie Snow effect storm.  We have 30 inches of  snow...much higher drifts.....
and NO SNOW PLOW GUY ....poor Robert he was plowing my cousins driveway yesterday and someone swerved to miss him and an other man in a pic up T-Boned Robert.  
Well snowplowing in emergency situation comes at a premium in these parts.  One plow for ER plow $150.00 .  Gheez  I am in the wrong biz.   
I wouldn't  worry about the plowing but I have  the open house this Saturday and I  am really..really....nervous.  Tim says it will be OK.   I think we should buy a used pick up and a plow.  I don't want to be stuck like this.   
I have made a few more Christmas themed items and  I've done lots of baking.
I should have started this post  by thanking all of you for your thoughtful  comments and e-mails  about my cat SU who passed away Saturday.  Her twin sister, Mia, is very lonely and calls for SU at certain times of the day....sad.
Well folks think good thoughts for me that the snow stops and I can get a reasonable plow or that Robert is back in business by Friday.
Keep Warm!!!

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