Friday, October 22, 2010

I Hate That When It Happens!

I have been working on bride and groom Day of the Dead Dolls.  With my fingers crossed, I will have them completed for November 2. ...just in time for Day of the Dead.  

The "couple" are very detailed and so far they are some of my best work.  I would love to show you a picture...only when they are complete.

Monday night the tux was nearly done....just a good pressing was needed.    My iron was way too hot....and it melted....."OH @$#&".
All of the clothing for my DOTD  dolls are made without patterns.  
I had enough fabric, so I started a replacement jacket.  Nothing went right...too big here..too small the trash can.  

The nearest JoAnne's is 18 miles away.   I found the suiting material. and several other fabrics perfect for future Day of the Deads.  Moonlight Madness at JoAnn is this Saturday  and Sunday and I am using my 50% off to buy a mini quilters iron , just so I can get in all the tiny little prim spaces.   I think I need to get busy as Christmas is 60 some days away!  OH! OH ! OH!


  1. Oh Carol, I'm so sorry, I know exactly what that is like!! Can't wait to see your newest pair, I just know how incredible they will be...even with problems!!! :)

  2. Sorry to hear that Carol! It is the worst to have something ruined while working on a project. It will be awesome to see your dolls when they are completed.
    Take good care! ~ Dawn