Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catching Up!

Wow!  Someone please tell me where the last 2 months went.  I haven't blogged for two months.....unbelievable.  Anyway.. this picture is me peddling my creativity  along side  a dusty road ....just kidding.... interesting picture, though.   I love the horse...dolls look interesting, too!  I should be sewing as I have dolls that have to be done this weekend.  I am working on  bride and groom Day of the Deads and another Hot Air Balloon with Uncle Sam and Lady Libby.  The bride and groom's "sugar" skulls are nearly done.  I know exactly how I want the bridal dress....but not sure how to construct it .....big HMM!!!
 I would like to take this opportunity  (it is long overdue) to THANK ALL OF YOU for following this blog as well as all my other blogs.   I  truly feel honored when I see another follower pop up.   I don't have contests or give-aways...I just write and if anyone really likes what I  blog ...I know that you are interested in my little world...plain and simple.    I would like to THANK ALL MY STORE CLIENTS for your continual support and patronage.  Even in these difficult economic have been there at the store door...It is my sincere pleasure to offer my dolls and primitives to you!                                        *****************************************

And here is a picture from 1925 of my "nest "and store.   This is where I grew up and and live today with my husband Tim.    I will add a  current picture this weekend.  It has been so rainy and Saturday I am finishing up the fall decorations I have made for the front of the store......I love them....cats and witches pumpkin and favorite time of the year is finally here!!!!

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