Thursday, March 24, 2011


We never know what our days will be comprised of.   We all hope for the good ....but still you never know  when there will be a curve thrown in.   This morning was one of those curvy days.   The store and our "nest" is located at a well traveled intersection.  Two cars met in an unfortunate moment and both of  the vehicles ended up  hitting two parts of our building.  Nothing  to major for us....but instances like this always bring to mind a lot of  "what ifs".  What if Tim and Lily came in from outside 2 mins later ....they would have been hit.   What if????   Anyway, most importantly I hope the one man is OK. He did not respond to Tim's calls to him.  The other driver is young and I am sure will be hurting in the next few days.  I guess what I want to say is remember to slow down, be aware of your surroundings
What's on the work table!
Elephants  (waiting for the material to come)
Day of the Dead Biker--as cute as a biker can get!
Goth Baby---My design!
Mini Lady Dragonfly---Just like the one I made at the Holidays!
Stay tuned!
                  P.S Date night on Saturday:  The Moon Dog Coronation Ball  ( Rock On)

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  1. Alas I know only too well about those curve balls. Speaking of unexpected car crashes. In NYC there is only one rubber stamp store, The Inkpad. A few years ago, a car lost control outside their tiny window and slammed into the front of the store. Fortunately, just physical damage. The store has since moved a few blocks north.