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A Tribute to Jay Cleveland Smith, My Great-Grand Uncle

Louisville, Kentucky 41st Ohio Regiment
Jay Cleveland Smith (28 April 1838- 26 January 1862)
His diary as follows:

January 1, 1862 Wednesday
The weather looks like rain this morning. Henry Hotchkiss came this morning and I went with him to his friends, where I partook of a splendid dinner. I walked back and was about bushed.

January 2, 1862 Thursday
It is cloudy and unpleasant this morning. I did not feel very well stayed in the house all day. Did not go to bed tonight. Very slippery.

January 3, 1862 Friday
It is rather misty and cold this morning. It rained quite hard before night. John Whitlam came in here today. He came from Camp with James Sisk. Two of the 91st boys started from here for Camp this morning.

January 4, 1862 Saturday
There was some signs of snow this morning. I feel rather miserable today. _____
______ came to see me today. There was a lot of sick men brought in tonight. I received a letter from R. P. Bennett Jr.

January 5, 1862 Sunday
It is not very pleasant. This morning some of the Ohio boys were sent to Cincinnati. I started to go a visiting today but the _____ did not______.
It rained and froze.

January 6, 1862 Monday
I was taken with the measles today and sent to No.4 Hospital. I was some sick, but did not like this place very well. Slept on a miserable bed tonight.

January 7, 1862 Tuesday
Ached so bad from lying on a bad bed. I got up and went to the fire . Thought it could no more than kill me and it would surely do that, to lay in a bed that is froze up solid. I slept very sound.

January 8, 1862 Wednesday
I began to feel quite well today. I am very weak and my back and sides pain me so. I am in misery. We have awful hard life here.

January 9, 1862 Thursday
It rained hard most all day. I lay on the bed about all day. A hundred sick men came in last night. They sent some of the Ohio boys to Cincinnati today.

January 10,1862 Friday
Nothing new on the program today. The room as noisy as ever. I had some mush and milk for supper tonight.

January 11, 1862 Saturday
Got up this morning and made my bed for the first time in this hospital. Got some potatoes for dinner with sprouts two inches long. I took a dose of oil today , the first I can remember of.

January 12 1862 Sunday
It rained very hard some of the time today. I would like a clean shirt mine are both dirty. The nurses all came out with white shirts today.

January 13, 1862 Monday
It is pretty cold today. some of the boys started for their Regt. this morning. L.T. Patchin came here to see us today. The bed hurt my bones horribly tonight. Very cold.

January 14,1962 Tuesday
It was very cold this morning. I did hate to get up. did not feel as well today as yesterday. preat came in last night sick and came here today. Some more sick men came in tonight.

January 15, 1862 Wednesday
I took some pills for the dierer did not do any good last night. Was so weak I could hardly walk. i lay on a bed just about all day. Some more sick men came in to night.

January 16, 1862 Thursday
It was very unpleasant this morning. I took six more pills tonight for my dierear.
Brigadier Quartermaster Johnson came here last night. Advised me to go home. I felt rather offended about it.

January 17, 1862 Friday
I felt worse today had a hard fever the Doc's gave me they're powder. I was glad when they were gone. Pleat came again today. I could not sleep tonight.

January 18, 1862 Saturday
lay afed gr as a
"The last words he ever wrote was to sick to finish what he commenced"

January 19,1862 to January 25,1862 no entries.

January 26, 1862 Sunday
Pa reached Louisville this morning, Jay was very anxious to come home, and laid his plan for coming. Thought he could ride in a boat as easy as to lie in the hospital. But his journey was different from what he anticipated..He died at 10 o'clock P.M. Very cold and dreary.~~~ written by Lodiska Smith, Jay's sister

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